The following is a guide for the layout of character pages. Note the Red text gives a description of what goes in each section. Where possible, supply the coding: [1] alongside text as to where a piece of information came from for future and quick referencing as well as validation of information.

Character Box Template
Placeholder person
General Information
Japanese Name: SAMPLE
Rōmaji: SAMPLE
Japanese VA: SAMPLE
English VA: SAMPLE
First Appearance: SAMPLE
Last Appearance: SAMPLE
Biological Characteristics
Gender: SAMPLE
Hair Color: SAMPLE
Eye Color: SAMPLE
Personal Information
Occupation: SAMPLE
Family: SAMPLE

Unseen to the readers but visible to the editor is the Character Box template. For more information please look here.

Character Pages should be started with a brief encyclopedic description of a character. This brief description describes the character and who they are, giving a quick hand idea of the character.


How the character acts overall.



What the character did before the Storyline began.


For the title, be creative, or be direct. This section is for things that have happened since being introduced into the storyline.


Optional. Any trivia worthy information not included in the rest of the article.


Contains the Code <references/>. Any information reference in the article appears here.

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Optional. Sites of relevance to this page.

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At the bottom of every Character page, please supply Categories of which this page falls into. This is for easy finding via category directories.