"No Entry" is the 11th episode of Paranoia Agent.


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Ikari's wife, Misae, confronts Lil' Slugger about what humans really are and tells him about the problems he's caused and explains it through talking about her relationship with her husband, Ikari. She has had to turn down a life-saving treatment because her husband can't afford now that he's a security guard. She tells Lil' Slugger how her life changed when she met Ikari, how supportive he was even though she couldn't have children. She then feared he was so devoted to work because he wanted to avoid her. Lil' Slugger grows large as he hears her despair, then shrinks when she dismisses these thoughts as unworthy. He grows larger again when she says how much he has ruined their lives, he crackles, preparing to hit her. She is afraid at first then laughs at him. He hits her, she carries on, calmly saying "we have made a new beginning". She says humans are strong enough not to need to escape into a fantasy world and that Lil' Slugger and Maromi are one and the same. He screams, then vanishes along with everything except Ikari's wife against a peaceful rural setting where she decides "I will have surgery". Meanwhile, Ikari meets Mikari, a burglar turned guard. Ikari reveals how he always wanted to be an old-fashioned cop catching simple burglars, not psychological criminals. He is then transported to a fantasy world just like that. Then Maniwa turns up looking for Ikari. Misae is in despair: "he won't come home."

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