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English Title: "Radar Man" Japanese Title: "Rēdāman" (レーダーマン) is the twelfth episode of Paranoia Agent.


Maniwa engages in a fight with Lil' Slugger, who is much stronger than he appears, and investigates his past. First, he visits the old man in the hospital before he dies, and his last words to Maniwa are, "Dance with the rabbit". Misae tells Maniwa that Maromi and Lil' Slugger are the same. Tsukiko is being interviewed about Maromi's conception, among her early sketches is one of Lil' Slugger. Maniwa sees a miniature bunny girl. Remembering the sage's words, he follows to a doll-maker's shop (whose owner makes dolls of all Lil' Slugger's victims) where all the dolls speak to him, telling him they want to defeat Lil' Slugger too. They plug him into an AR link to the net where he accesses Tsukiko's past. They find a case where she was attacked when she was 12 by a figure on roller-blades carrying a golden bat. Maniwa visits Tsukiko's father and finds a golden bat in the family shed. After finding out the truth, he phones Tsukiko telling her father says don't be afraid. Maromi cuts the phone cable. Maniwa appears and fights a giant Lil' Slugger with the original bat. After an inconclusive fight, Tsukiko and Maromi disappear into the cartoon world, all trace of Maromi vanishes from our world.

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