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Double Lips

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Kanji ダブルリップ
Rōmaji Dabururippu
Japanese Airdate Febuary 16, 2004
English Airdate June 12, 2005

"Double Lips" is the third episode of Paranoia Agent.


Chouno Harumi, Yuuichi's tutor, is a woman with dissociative identity disorder, meaning she has two different personalities inhabiting her body. She attempts to defy her prostitute alter ego, Maria. Her two personalities leave answering machine messages for each other. Harumi becomes increasingly desperate when a colleague at Jiai University (where she works as a research assistant), proposes marriage. She accepts but is terrified of being found out. She attempts to throw Maria's 'work-clothes' away, but changes to Maria's personality just as she arrives at the dump. Her psychiatrist insists she must tell her fiancée. Harumi visits Yuuichi in the hospital, and he remarks that she needs a doctor more than him. Eventually, her personalities fight each other (in reality, she is pulling her own hair in the street at night) when Lil' Slugger strikes.

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Harumi Chono/Maria

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