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Kanji MHz
Rōmaji MHz
Japanese Airdate March 22, 2004
English Airdate July 10, 2005

"MHz" is the seventh episode of Paranoia Agent.


After Tsukiko falls unconscious, Maniwa thinks there is a possibility of another Lil' Slugger and investigates that there are connections between the victims in an attempt to pinpoint the next victim. Kozuka continues to protest that he is a holy warrior, Ikari angrily tells him the first attack was a sham and that he 'jumped on a bandwagon'. Kozuka admits he only attacked Ushiyama and Hirukawa. Maniwa gets more manic as he finds nearly all the victims felt emotionally cornered and under pressure. They all seemed relieved at their attack. Maniwa thinks it odd that Ushiyama was the only victim without any worries. Ikari advises Maniwa to take some leave. Then, Kozuka is found dead in his cell following the appearance of another Lil' Slugger as he mysteriously escapes through the police station walls.

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