"ETC" is the ninth episode of Paranoia Agent.


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Four housewives share their gossip that they have heard about Lil Slugger. Their first story is of a teenage boy desperately trying to revise for his math exam. In the exam he sneezes out a math equation, runs to the toilet where he sneezes out masses of them, he ignores knocks on the door, then looks up to see Lil' Slugger peering down. A teacher enters to find a sea of equations. The second story is of a young wife stuck at home with the mother-in-law from hell. Her husband is away on his wife's birthday, she gets a cookery kit from her mother-in-law (a sly dig at her lackluster meals). Enraged, the girl flies at her, then hears a knock on the door. Both rush to it, thinking it's her husband, it's actually Lil' Slugger who knocks out the mother-in-law. The third story is of a doctor whose nurses mess up an in vitro fertilization so the baby's unrelated to either parent. The woman comes back in agony, an ultrasound shows the embryo is a miniature Lil' Slugger. The others make fun of Kamohara, who is the youngest and newest to the area, for this story. The stories grow ever more implausible. Kamohara returns to her husband (a script editor) to find him on the floor bleeding from a head wound. He asks her to call a doctor, saying it was Lil' Slugger. She's delighted and demands more details, but makes no visible attempt to call for an ambulance.

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