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General Information
Japanese Name: ハナ
Rōmaji: Hana
Japanese VA: Yoshiaki Umegaki
First Appearance: Tokyo Godfathers
Biological Characteristics
Gender: Female (Assigned Male at Birth)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Personal Information
Occupation: Homeless person
Drag queen (formerly)
Family: "Mother" (foster mother)
Ken (love interest)
Kiyoko (goddaughter)

Hana is one of the three main protagonists of Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers.


Hana is a trans woman, and a former drag queen. She was raised by "Mother", another drag queen who took her in after her parents abandoned her or because she lived as an orphan. Hana began to work in "Mother's" drag bar as a singer, but she left after attacking a rude customer who called her an "old fart". Sometime afterward, she met with Gin and Miyuki, and they began their living in Tokyo as homeless people.


Hana has a caring and motherly personality, especially towards abandoned children. She dreams of being a mother and she believed that Kiyoko (the baby) was a gift from God. She can also be a bit of a drama-queen, often breaking down in tears when a sad subject is brought up, but she also knows when to be serious and she is a very genuine and loving person.


  • She probably returned to the bar she used to work under the wing of "Mama"
  • Hana was married once to a man named Ken, who died slipping on a bar a soap and bashing his head.
    • It has been suggested that her husband had AIDS before he died.