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General Information
Japanese Name: ハナ
Rōmaji: Hana
Japanese VA: Yoshiaki Umegaki
First Appearance: Tokyo Godfathers
Biological Characteristics
Gender: Female (born male)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Personal Information
Occupation: Homeless (formally)
Family: "Mother" (foster mother)
Kiyoko (goddaughter)

Hana is one of the three main protagonists of Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers.


Hana is a trans woman, and a former drag queen. She was raised by "Mother", a drag queen who took her in after her parents abandoned her or lived as an orphan. Hana began to work in "Mother's" drag bar as a singer, but she left after attacking a rude customer who called her "old fart". She met with Gin and Miyuki, and they began their living in Tokyo as homeless people.


Hana has a caring and motherly personality, especially towards abandoned children. She dreams of being a mother and she believed that Kiyoko the baby was a gift from God. She can also be a bit of a drama-queen, often breaking down in tears when a sad subject is brought up but she also knows when to be serious and she is a very genuine and loving person.

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