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Konakawa Toshimi is a cop from the film Paprika. He is one of 


Paprika's patients, as he has recurring nightmares.


The movies starts with his dream, which ends up the same as always: Him on a case, chasing an unknown man and eventually falling into whiteness.

He was working on the homicide case, trying to catch the culprit, when he meets Paprika once again in a pub online. They talk and Paprika suggests that they watch a movie. Her offer, however, is refused, as Konakawa shouts that he doesn't like movies.

After Himuro's body was found, he investigates the case, coming in contact with Tokita. As Chiba walks in, they recognize each other. He later asks his old friend, Shima, if Chiba is Paprika. They are then confronted by the chairman, and Konakawa states that Shima has had it hard too. Shima replies, "I want to go back to our college days, back when we used to talk about our futures." Konakawa is disturbed by this and later has a panic attack.

As Konakawa starts to have the same nightmare again, Chiba is informed and transforms into her alter ego, Paprika, to find him. In his dream he is in an elevator where the floors are the parts of his dream. The seventeenth floor is called 'the special section', where the homicide victim is falling onto the floor, and the same mysterious man is escaping through an emergency exit. He once again runs forward to catch the victim. This time the floor doesn't sway, and as he looks back, the victim has the same face as him. Smoke is coming from Konakawa's gun, and he realizes that he has killed himself. Paprika watches all this in a theatre, saying, "that's like a line from a mystery novel."

They talk about movies in the theatre. As Konakawa displays a vast knowledge on making movies, Paprika asks if he has solved the mystery of why he killed himself. She then suggests that it was someone a lot like Konakawa, 'the other him'. Suddenly, the dream of a patient invades Konakawa's dream, and much to Paprika's horror, is starting to invade other dreams. She screams at Konakawa to wake up.

Konakawa waits at the pub for Paprika. He reacts sensitively to the number seventeen. The bartender notes that Konakawa is very familiar with movies, and asks if he has made one before. He answers positively. Konakawa explains the plot of the movie : it was about two best friends, one who eventually became a fugitive, the other becoming a cop. Throughout the entire movie they are engaged in a chase. Konakawa suddenly remembers his old friend, the person who played the fugitive in their movie, and who is the mysterious man in his dreams. Konakawa had given up on the movie halfway, because he didn't have enough confidence, leaving the unfinished movie to his friend to deal with. Afterwards, his friend got accepted to film school, but fell ill and died. The part where the movie stopped is similar to the ending in Konakawa's dream; the man escaping and the cop holding a gun to his back.

He leaves the pub and walks into a movie theatre where Paprika and Osanai are. He breaks through the screen and saves Paprika, now in the form of Chiba. His dreams replay again, with Osanai as the running fugitive. As Osanai is about to escape, Konakawa decides to 'end this for good' and shoots Osanai in the back. 

Dreams and reality are merging, and Konakawa's bullet killed Osanai in real life. Later as chaos erupts, he meets with Shima and Paprika. They face the chairman, who causes havoc to the city. He and Shima watches as Paprika/Chiba defeats the chairman and the dark skies are restored back to their original blue. He then wonders out loud whether they have woken from the dream.

Konakawa sees his friend in his own reflection. He is told that he didn't do anything wrong, that he became a cop so he could live out their movie in reality. He is reminded of the "truth that came from fiction". Paprika suggests the movie "Dreaming Kids" to him. The scene cuts as Konakawa buys a ticket.