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Uchida's smiling face.

Mamoru Uchida or Me-Mania is the main antagonist of Perfect Blue and the creator of Mima's Room. He has an obsession for Mima. He often frightens people because of his appearance and the presence he gives off. Several have often referred to him as a freak or weirdo.

When Mima announced her career change, he began to stalk her and send her threatening letters, including one with a small explosive that injured Mima's agent, Tadakoro.

During the course of the movie, his lust for Mima takes control and he eventually buys every adult magazine that features her or her nude photos. His work space is set up with every Mima-related merchandise on the walls. His obsession is further driven when he receives emails from who he believed to the "Real Mima" saying he's the only she can rely on (in reality, it's Rumi/Real Mima using him as a scapegoat).

Near the end, he was eventually convinced that the actual Mima is an imposter, therefore taking it upon himself to "protect the real Mima" and remove the obstacle (this is the only time in the movie when he speaks, which comes off as crude and psychotic). He then proceeds to attack Mima and attempts to rape her. Luckily, she grabs a hammer and hits him in the side of his skull, knocking him unconscious. When proven useless and no longer needed, Rumi later killed him like the other victims. His body is last seen beside Tadokoro's body.

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