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Mima Kirigoe
Mima Kirigoe
General Information
Japanese Name: 霧越未麻
Rōmaji: Kirigoe Mima
Japanese VA: Junko Iwao
English VA: Ruby Marlowe
First Appearance: Perfect Blue
Biological Characteristics
Age: 21

(Born: July 13, 1976)

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber
Personal Information
Occupation: Actress (currently)
Pop Idol Singer (formerly)

Mima Kirigoe is the main character from the psychological thriller movie, Perfect Blue.


During her career as a pop idol, Mima was a free-spirited young woman, determined to please her fans, usually having a very bubbly nature. She's sweet, friendly, innocent and likable, and seemed unfamiliar with things like the internet. However, when she changed careers, a fan became upset about this and began to stalk her, causing Mima to become scared.

When she is 'raped' on the set of Double Bind, Mima becomes stressed, mentally and emotionally unsound. After the murders of some of the producers, screenwriters and Murano, the photographer, she believes she has gone insane.

Shortly after learning the truth from Rumi, who is revealed to be delusional, thinking herself to be the 'real' Mima, and after saving her from being killed, she is able to move on with her life. She has become an independent and headstrong adult, with high-expectations of being a better person and believing in herself.




Mima with her co-singers, Rei and Yukiko.

Mima was a pop idol in the music group CHAM! along with her co-singers, Yukiko and Rei. By her 21st birthday, she decided to switch careers, wanting to become an actress. Although a certain fan disagrees with her choice of abandoning her pop idol image.

Career Change[]

Shortly after her last performance with CHAM! and returning home, Mima receives a fax from an unknown fan, calling her a traitor. While on the set of Double Bind, her agent, Tadokoro opens a fan letter meant for Mima, and it explodes, injuring him. Rumi, her other agent believes it was just a prank and Mima decides to forget about it. Mima gets a new computer and goes to 'Mima's Room', a website that one of her fans suggested. She is shocked to discover the public diary entry is in perfect detail and she listens to a recording of her, practicing her lines. Both Tadokoro and Rumi believe that Mima should get a bigger part, since it is her dream of becoming an actress. During this time, the stalker continues to go after Mima, making her scared of the outside.

The producers of Double Bind agree in giving Mima a bigger part, but her character is a rape victim from a strip club. Rumi is disgusted by this and doesn't want Mima to do the part. Mima, however, accepts the role, much to Rumi's shock, fearing that her reputation will be ruined by this. From that moment on, an apparition of Mima, cries out that she doesn't want to do the rape scene.

While on the set, the atmosphere of the rape scene becomes too real for Mima, making her believe she is actually being raped. Since then, Mima's appraition taunts her for being dirty and weak. The trauma has left Mima confused and unable to seperate fantasy from reality. 'Mima's Room' continues to publish the diary online, informing fans and Mima about her thoughts and her career. Then, the producers who tarnished Mima's reputation are murdered, one by one.

Mima meets with Munaro, a "pornographer" who takes pictures of her nude. He is later killed by a pizza boy, whom the audience sees as Mima. His murder goes public and the media believes that Mima had some connection with his murder and to the previous murders. Mima and her co-stars finish Double Bind and her agents hope this would launch her career. Awhile later, Mima is attacked by the stalker, who is known as "Me-Mania" and he attempts to rape her, but Mima uses a hammer in self-defense, and Me-Mania falls down, unconscious. 

Rumi takes her home, but Mima discovers that it's not her room due to several inconsistencies, such as a fish tank with fake fish and a poster of CHAM! that she had took down earlier. Rumi comes in wearing a newer version of Mima's dress when she was a pop idol and it is then that Mima realizes that Rumi is the false diarist. Rumi explains that she believes she is the "real" Mima and is angry at Mima for ruining the "real" Mima's reputation. Rumi attacks her with a letter-opener and stabs her in the shoulder. Mima is able to escape and Rumi goes after her in a chilling chase through the city. Rumi corners her in an alley, but Mima takes off her wig, therefore Rumi panics and takes it back, but is stabbed by broken window glass in the chest. Rumi tries to kill herself by standing in front of a truck on a road that she perceives as an audience, but is saved by Mima at the last second and the truck drivers call an ambulance. 

Sometime later, Mima visits Rumi, who now lives in a mental institution, and explains that thanks to her, Mima has learned a lot from the experience.

Brighter Tomorrow[]

Mima later moves on in her life, but it is unknown if she has continued her career as an actress. However, it's stated that she is still working and is pretty famous. At the end, it’s shown that she is happy and has confidence and independence.

Voice Actors[]

  • Japanese: Junko Iwao
  • English: Ruby Marlowe
  • French: Marie-Eugénie Maréchal
  • Spanish: Núria Trifol
  • Italian: Elisabetta Spinelli
  • German: Solveig Duda

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