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General Information
Japanese Name: ミユキ
Japanese VA: Aya Okamoto
English VA: Victoria Grace
First Appearance: Tokyo Godfathers
Biological Characteristics
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Personal Information
Occupation: Homeless person
high school student
Family: Ishida (father)
Akiko (mother)
Angel (pet)

Miyuki is one of the three main protagonists of Tokyo Godfathers. She's a runaway girl with a past she can’t talk about. And although she thinks of herself as an independent woman, Hana and Gin have been taking care of her so that she can survive life on the streets.


Miyuki is a young woman, perhaps around 15-18 years of age. She has brown eyes and black hair. She wears a big, brim hat with cotton headwear underneath along with a brown coat. In the past, she was slightly overweight, but after time on the streets, she lost a substantial amount of weight.


Miyuki's backstory deals with her fear of returning home. She is a runaway girl who leaves home because she hated her father's over-controlling ways. Miyuki considers herself to be a very independent young woman, but at the moment, she kind of needs the support that Hana and Gin give her in order to survive on the streets. She's bratty, cranky, sarcastic, sometimes stubborn and short-tempered, but still kind-hearted and very protective and sisterly towards Kiyoko. When Kiyoko is reunited with her parents and they want Gin and Hana to be her godparents, it's very likely Miyuki became her god-sister, as well.


Home Life[]

Before she ran away from home, she lived with her policeman father and religious mother. Miyuki was overweight, but after living in the streets, she lost a significant amount of her weight, which is noticeable between flashbacks and the present. She had a cat and named her 'Angel', because of the markings that resembled wings on her back. However, Angel went missing and Miyuki attacked her father, believing he had something to do with it. Although unclear, it seems as though Miyuki's father was a bit absent from her life and doesn't notice or pay any attention to her. We can assume it's due to his job as a high-ranking police officer or because he's simply a bad father. When she stabbed him, she called him selfish and threw a scarf at him. It turns out she made that scarf for him and said, "Why don't you wipe up your blood with the scarf I made you, at least then you'd use it!" But he does seem to care somewhat for her because when he saw her on the train, he tried to gain her attention and go after her.


Miyuki ran away from home after the attack and refused to go back. She then met Gin, a middle-aged hobo who is an alcoholic with a history of gambling and Hana, a caring trans woman. She began to live with them in their tent and did whatever she could to survive being homeless.

After her adventures with Hana and Gin, she reunites with her father at the hospital. It is presumed that Miyuki likely returned home with her father and resumed a normal life with her family.


  • Miyuki has been mistaken for being Kiyoko's mother twice.

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