Rei is a minor character from the anime film, Perfect Blue, directed by Satoshi Kon.

Rei portrait
General Information
Japanese Name: レイ
Rōmaji: Rei
Japanese VA: Shiho Niiyama
English VA: Melissa Williamson
First Appearance: Perfect Blue
Biological Characteristics
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Brown
Personal Information
Occupation: Pop Idol

History Edit

Rei is a singer in the pop music group CHAM! After Mima left, Rei and Yukiko become more popular, which results of them getting into the best singing group charts.

She does seem to care about Mima, even when she changed careers. She showed some concern over Mima after hearing of her photo shoot with Murano. In one scene in the film, Rei and Yukiko are seen being on their radio talk show and when they bid goodbye to the audience, Mima's apparition appears. Although Rei is happy to see Mima, she is shocked when Mima suddenly leaves and goes after the apparition. However, this could've been a dream sequence that Mima had.

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