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Rumi Hidaka is Mima's friend and manager and the main deuteragonist and antagonist in Perfect Blue.

Rumi Hidaka
Rumi Hidaka
General Information
Japanese Name: ルミ
Rōmaji: Rumi
Japanese VA: Rica Matsumoto
English VA: Wendee Lee
First Appearance: Perfect Blue
Biological Characteristics
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Personal Information
Occupation: Mental Patient (currently), Manager (formerly), Pop Idol (formerly)


Rumi was once a pop idol herself before changing careers, much like Mima. She becomes her agent during her time as a pop idol, but when Mima wanted to change careers, Rumi helps her on the set of Double Bind. However, when the producers wanted to film a rape scene with Mima, Rumi becomes disgusted and angrily replies that Mima shouldn't have to do such an act. Mima accepts the part, but Rumi informs her that it will ruin her reputation.

In secret, Rumi uses her 'real' Mima persona to murder the people who tarnished Mima's reputation. Or at least the people she percieved as being responsible, including the screenwriter of Double Bind, the actors involved in the rape scene, and even Mr. Tadokoro, Mima's office manager, who thought her transition into acting would be positive, rather than negative.

Rumi becomes tearfully emotional when she witnesses Mima being 'raped' on the set and leaves. Days later, Rumi continues to support Mima, even when she shows signs of distress.

It's not until the ending that we see that Rumi was behind it all, the website, the murders, and she even contacted Me-Mania through the diary entries, while under the 'real' Mima persona. Rumi is injured after chasing Mima in the city and awhile later, she is sent to a mental facility, where she continues to switch her original personality with that of the 'real' Mima’s.


Rumi suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (or DID), as she switches between herself to the alternate personality of who she calls the 'real' Mima. In DID, this is often called a "factive"- an introjection of a real-life person as an alternate identity. Although she cares a lot about Mima, even when it comes to her reputation, it is possible that Rumi went through the same phase as Mima did when she changed careers, but, unlike Mima, she could not cope with the stress, which resulted in her DID.

Voice Actors[]

  • Japanese: Rica Matsumoto
  • English: Wendee Lee
  • French: Véronique Alycia
  • Spanish: María Pilar Quesada
  • Italian: Stefania Patruno
  • German: Carin Tietze