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Welcome to the Satoshi Kon Index
Hello and welcome to the Satoshi Kon Index, the place to find out all about the films and works by the brilliant animation director, Satoshi Kon. This is a free site anyone to edit. Help us expand and make this the prime community for all things related to Satoshi Kon. Look up information on works such as Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Paranoia Agent, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, and fewer known pieces like Magnetic Rose and all his manga.

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This wiki is relatively new. So feel free to help out, it would be much appreciated!
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Paranoia Agent
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Paranoia Agent is about a social phenomenon in Musashino, Tokyo caused by a juvenile serial assailant named Lil' Slugger. The plot relays between a large cast of people affected in some way by the phenomenon; usually Lil' Slugger's victims or the detectives assigned to apprehend him. As each character becomes the focus of the story, details are revealed about their secret lives and the truth about Lil' Slugger.
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Satoshi Kon
Brilliant Director, Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon was an anime director and mangaka from Kushiro, Hokkaido. He was well-known for his work on Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, and Paprika. Sadly, Kon passed away on August 24, 2010, after a losing battle with pancreatic cancer. He will be remembered by all who loved his works.

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