Tokita Kosaku
General Information
Japanese Name: 時田 浩作
Rōmaji: "Kosaku Tokita"
Japanese VA: Tooru FURUYA
English VA: Yuri LOWENTHAL
First Appearance: Paprika
Biological Characteristics
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Personal Information
Occupation: Scientist

Description Edit

Tokita Kosaku was an extremely obese character in the film, Paprika. He worked with Atsuko Chiba as a researcher. Tokita was many times regarded as a genius as he developed and created the DC mini.

Atsuko states that Tokita has been attracted to her for a while when she confronts him in the dream, leading to an implication that her bad attitude towards him in certain scenes was an unconscious repression of this knowledge.

In the ending, it is stated that Paprika would be changing her surname to Tokita, heavily implying that Atsuko and Tokita were to be married.

Personality Edit

Tokita is very child-like in nature and can cause a lot of problems because of this. However, he is innocent, helpful and presumably very intelligent since he is the one who created the DC mini.

Ordering several different dishes while eating, it was shown that he also had a huge appetite.

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