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Uchida's smiling face.

Uchida or "Me-Mania" is the creator of Mima's Room. He has an obsession for Mima. His left eye is never shown, we don't know why; probably emo cult.

When Mima announced her career change, he began to stalk her and sent threatening letters, especially one with explosives that injured Mima's agent, Tadakoro.

During the course of the movie, his lust for Mima takes control and he eventually buys every adult magazine that features her or her nude photos. In his work space, he has set it up with every Mima-merchandise on the walls.

Near the end of the movie he then kept up with Mima and attempted to rape her, but she used a hammer to hit the side of his skull. He then fell to the ground, unconscious. He was killed and removed by Rumi soon after.